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New user - first post

Hello Friendica! Newbie user here, still getting my bearings.

I don't 100% love the platforms I'm on 100% of the time but calling one or more of them evil seems inappropriate/disproportionate? I don't get people who think Fedi or Bluesky should fail.

New to Friendica

My first post.
Been looking into Friendica lately so decided to give it try.
My post will be mostly related to TV and Movies, climate issues, food security.
Personally I have a nihilistic view of the world, do not think the future is bright...
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@Ramzi Mourad welcome to the server! Let me know if you need any help with anything!
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@Ramzi Mourad personally, I favor either existential nihilism or absurdist nihilism.

Content warning: Original post is too long for Bluesky. Click this to read.

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You know what's great to learn at 38, right before bedtime one night, after a whole life time of struggle...

That your mother traumatized you with ADHD to the point where actually pushing myself against ADHD is a trigger... making it so no amount of coping skills can help me push myself for any real length of time...

I'd try and do something that requires a push, even a little one... and be crying... and I thought it was just the feeling of hitting my dopamine... but nooooo... now I'm unpacking that it was me getting triggered at the feeling of pushing my reserves at all...

That explains so damn much and makes me feel so damn hurt and angry...

I was forced to push myself so far so often as a kid and she didn't ever relent when I was critically over-extended on dopamine... usually around cleaning. I'm remembering so many times crying and sobbing on the floor because she demanded I clean to an extreme standard and I wasn't allowed to do anything else until I met her approval...

And I've been running my whole life fucking kneecapped by this... I thought I just had it worse than most (with ADHD) on my ability to push myself on tasks... but no... it's because I realize now I can't fucking push myself at all because my fucking brain just jumps straight to that extreme pain and trauma right away...

Now I'm fucking crying when I should be trying to sleep...

#ADHD #Neurodivergent #Trauma
@adhd group @actuallyadhd group

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i spent a sizeable portion of my childhood shut in my room with "you're not coming out until it's clean!" And without guidance on how to clean it.

I push through hard things like this as an adult with the mantra "something is better than nothing" and just chip away at things.

And I sit with my kids when cleaning their room, talk through my process and coach them. That's been really healing, coaching my kids and also my ADHD friends; it's like re-parenting myself!

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This is my first post

I guess this is like a Facebook or something

contradogma doesn't like this.

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@contradogma friendica definitely follows more of the facebook format style, one of the reasons I chose it for this instance. That and the fact that it is basically the swiss army knife of social, attempting to support everything it possibly can.

Biggest downside is the poor UI and that's the entire reason it's not my default recommendation for the fediverse.

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@coachtimseo this should go in your profile rather than a post, and a reminder to make sure to put #ad on your posts if you want to advertise

I shared this a few years ago but a lot has changed since then...

Not a perfect graph regardless, but I like it for communicating.

Mozilla announces on-device (as in not using the cloud) AI image recognition to generate alt text for users who need screen readers...

And people are flipping out over AI still in the comments

Firefox 130 is bringing a game-changing feature: automatic alt-text generation for images using a fully private on-device AI model! 🙌🏾

Initially available in the built-in PDF editor, our aim is to extend this to general browsing for screen reader users.

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@zaki fedilab may not support privacy marking in friendica?

Test from Friendica to:


Unknown parent

Plastic Frog

@Plastic Paragraph

> test commenting from Friendica

hi, just seeing what Friendica is like as I know not much about it

i think software devs should be forced to use a laptop with 2gb ram and a 5400rpm hard drive

🔥👍 Helldivers 2: A Thrilling and Challenging Gaming Experience 🔥👍

🔥👍 Helldivers 2: A Thrilling and Challenging Gaming Experience 🔥👍

Content warning: what

Kosmetyki trychologiczne w Głogowie

Udało się w końcu zobaczyć jak może wyglądać tekst napisany swobodnie o kosmetykach trychologicznych przez sztuczną inteligencję - na raze to narzędzie wcale nie jest tak dobre - nadal człowiek a raczej jego mózg jest niezastąpionym narzędziem do wymyślania tekstów, pisania książek i artykułów.


New here, i'm a nerd and in freetime programmer! Italian, living in Ireland

I like to do a lot of stuff, and i'm interested in: #programming #osdev #music #art #bookbinding #sewing etc.

I like crafting things basically. And writing OS (and about Osdev in general).
Also have an interest into arts, and so far i made a small bunch of paintings (i'm a newbie so don't expect high level art), i will maybe post the photos here in the future.

So far that's all, my nick in the fediverse, and outside is most of the time dreamos82.

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About me!

I'm a Linux/Cloud Engineer! Married with two kids.

silly little thing

Hey! I really wanna make friends. my discord is Buhbubbles
!!!!!!! I am a she/her cis female
UHHH I am good at talking, and yea we can do art trades if wanted!! imma pretty talkative person (mentioned two times but I promise I will chat and keep company)
but yeayea thanks

Ranting about capitalism

Another reason to hate capitalism. It's considered smart for someone to buy cheap products then resell them for a higher price. They don't add anything extra, literally just reselling the same thing because they can, and it makes a profit. Personally I hate this kind of behavior, but It's a major part of capitalism. So many companies do this and it's frustrating as a consumer. This particular person got caught and is being prosecuted because they lied about the quality of their products and sold them to the military and police. They claimed it was made in the US and passed all safety standards, when in fact it was just cheap gear from China that doesn't comply with any safety regulations. So of course they get in trouble, but the thousands of other companies that do the exact same shit get away with it because they aren't selling safety gear to important people.

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First post

New to the fediverse, trying out friendica and foggyminds seemed like a good place to start. I also created a Mastodon and pixelfed account. Will see which one I prefer after using them for a bit.
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@Rainbow Jax Welcome to the server!

Pardon the dust, I'm currently going through a move so shutting down spare servers and migrating the server to a temporary remote server until I can get settled again. In a few days things should pick back up as the transition is complete. So please keep that in mind when getting an impression of Friendica and of my server ❤ (I'm also going to upgrade to the latest version of Friendica that just came out as part of it)

And yeah, definitely different niches to different platforms. Mastodon and Friendica have a fair amount of overlap since they mostly focus on the same content, just one has a word limit and more UI designers.

Pixelfed I haven't actually looked at, but if I understand it correctly it's a very different user experience, so it's a good compliment to either Mastodon or Friendica.

Wishmasta - Girl on the Beach

New track called "Girl on the Beach" just released! You can check the information on my website

Content warning: new test

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you can add ?lang=en to the url which will temporarily switch the displayed language.

Example: for english for german

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I thought it is dendend on the browser default language.

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Sorry I've not been on here for a while. Been busy.

Life has been very busy lately. I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had a lump removed & a lot of appointments. I dressing changes 3 times a week. I am having CBT counselling. There is the decluttering. And that is on top of my caring duties, trying to cope with my osteoarthritis, etc & trying to sort out a motorbility car.

Random dog photo. Enjoy.

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@wisdomchicken Lemmy is ActivityPub so it mostly works, though it has occasional problems on it's end with how it shares comments. Namely it has a bad habit of not sending all the comments on it's own and instead the other server has to explicitly ask for them one by one...

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i can get the connector to work to crosspost from friendica to bluesky, but dont have the faintest idea on how to get the bluesky feeds into friendica.

pretty sure ive tried every option at this point, and no dev has responded, so im assuming at this point that it doesnt work

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@wisdomchicken The github is probably the best place to post about your experience.

Feel free to ping me if they need any server admin input.

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@wisdomchicken 🙃 By default I get email notifications for every response, too. Old school.