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Terms of Service


  1. We follow the Paradox Of Tolerance here, tolerance is offered and expect save in the face of intolerance.
  2. We are a leftist instance, we will not tolerate fascism.
  3. If you are making a business advertisement post, it must be tagged with #ad.
  4. If your account is only going to post links or quotes from another source controlled by you, you must make it clear what makes this account different (ie. a quote account, mirroring a blog to the fediverse, etc). This is to prevent spam accounts.
  5. This server is moderated in English, we do not object to other languages but the moderation of those languages is going to be via translation tools.
  6. If we receive reports that indicate that your content is offensive or harmful to an unfamiliar culture (ie. if you're posting about regional politics that we have no basis of familiarity in) we can not promise objective moderation decisions.
  7. Blatant hate speech will be result in immediate bans/deletion.
  8. Cultural appropriation and normalized hate speech (ie. uses of the g-slur, shaman, totem, etc when you're not of the group) will receive warnings, there's a good chance you didn't know better before and now you do, if you disagree the warning is your chance to migrate from this server.
  9. This rules list is not comprehensive. When reasonable, violations will be met with warnings and a chance to migrate your data.