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Registration is open. The only information that's verified on signup is your email address.

We welcome trial accounts (signing up to check things out and never signing in again) as well as regular users.

So long as you practice good decorum and are respectful (within the paradox of tolerance), then you should fit right in.

If you have trouble signing up, feel free to reach out to me on Matrix or via email at shiri[at] or via activitypub at shiri[at]

If you sign up, make no public post, and don't log in again for a month I'll generally delete the account. We do not currently have any rules mandating routine posts or logins, this is just to trim the number of accounts that are created and never touched again. We may eventually make activity rules if we become genuinely busy, but expect them to be mild if we do (ie. in the range of logging in once every few months).

See Terms of Service for more information.

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