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All right folks, let me just put this out there:

Part of my persona is Cranky Old Manโ„ข

Sometimes I go a little too far with this, and I try to be conscious of that. But it seems that this is entirely incompatible with being here on Mastodon.

I don't know if there's a way that I can preface my spicy posts so y'all know I'm mostly speaking in jest, or if it's just a lost cause.

You could put "Cranky Old Manโ„ข" as the content warning on all your posts. It might not help, but I would get a chuckle out of it ;)
no, not for the Bad People youโ€™re talking about (which exist everywhere)

Content warning: Ramblings on belonging, depression

Content warning: re: Ramblings on belonging, depression

LB: 3122 of those minutes were spent trying to find 'Song 2' by Blur.

Hereโ€™s one thatโ€™ll really bake your noodle: Because of computational photography, is it possible for *any* photo taken on a modern smartphone to meet journalistic ethical standards?

Just a few years ago, the newspaper I worked for wouldnโ€™t even allow the use of burn and dodge. But those are nothing compared to what the phone does automatically before it even gives us the photo in the first place.

that article says โ€œthis result can be recreated on any recent iPhone,โ€ but provides no demonstrations or even links to demos. Iโ€™ve never seen or heard of this outside this one example case.

In other words: Iโ€™m highly skeptical until I see it myself.

The guy who runs the Cybertruck fan website canโ€™t afford one.

For those who didnโ€™t see the announcement event yesterday, I watched a brief recap version - there was a loud baby crying in the background, you couldnโ€™t see Elonโ€™s face as they didnโ€™t light him, the price doubled and itโ€™s due to ship 4 years late.

Grading the Raidersโ€™ rookie class after 12 games

Postnord says no to Tesla

Postnord cannot order its employees to deliver mail to Tesla.

This is what the company writes in a statement to the Solna district court - where they also refer to "force majeure".

It was on Monday that Tesla sued the Swedish Transport Agency and Postnord, after the electric car manufacturer did not receive registration plates for new cars distributed. This is because the postmen and other employees are members of trade unions that strike in sympathy with Tesla in the company's conflict with IF Metall.

Now Postnord responds in a statement to the Solna District Court.

Postnord about Tesla: "Not true"
Initially, the company writes, via the law firm Mannheimer Swartling, that Tesla's lawsuit is "characterized by invective and irrelevant descriptions" and that it is not true that Postnord's actions would be "system threatening" or some kind of "attack" against Tesla.

  • That we would have such an attitude or work in the manner alleged in the lawsuit is unrealistic and incorrect, says Anders Porelius, press manager at Postnord, in a press release.

Postnord claims to be neutral and outside the conflict between Tesla and the unions, but believes that it has an "obligation to respect the measures taken".

"Postnord assesses that Seko's and ST's sympathy measures constitute both a legal and a practical obstacle for Postnord to provide Tesla shipments that are addressed to Tesla," the company writes in its statement.

Refers to force majeure
According to Postnord, the company has no control over the situation and therefore refers to force majeure. The company also emphasizes that the right to strike is constitutionally protected, and therefore applies over and above the distribution obligation in the Postal Act.

In the 14-page opinion, the lawyers at Mannheimer and Swartling then go through why they believe that Tesla's request for interim security measures should be rejected. They write, among other things, that Postnord's agreement is with the Swedish Transport Agency and not with Tesla, so if there is anyone who can request the ordered signs, it is the Swedish Transport Agency. They also write that Tesla can "easily" order new signs and collect them from the manufacturer.

The Solna district court must now decide what obligations Postnord has pending trial.

Putting the whole Tesla issue aside, can someone explain to me - a casual oberver - how itโ€™s legal for a delivery company to Sweden to refuse to deliver to a particular customer?

In a hypothetical example, letโ€™s say they donโ€™t like a particular shoe store. Can they just stop delivering mail to the shoe store?

Iโ€™m not seeing how this could be legally reasonable, once itโ€™s generalized to pertain to any given business. Could someone explain?

I suppose this would be especially relevant if the mail comes from a government agency? I assume the Swedish Transport Agency is a government agency. I guess it would seem reasonable if only private parties were involvedโ€ฆ but why should a private transport company be allowed to prevent delivery of mail sent by the Swedish government? (Again, pardon me if I misunderstand the situation.)

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Baizey doesn't like this.

This is my personal experience -
but not using Twitter hasn't really made me any happier, or.. any more miserable.

I see the sentiment that dropping social media has made others so much happier, and I feel increasingly weird at my indifference.

Maybe I've already adjusted to the hedonic treadmill. Maybe I've started getting my obsessive internet fix elsewhere... possibly Reddit, I should be careful about that. Argh.

Though, I wonder if stuff like Twitter was just.. never that important to me anyways. I got enough to worry about elsewhere in life.

I dunno. I was hoping for some measurable improvement. Maybe I just internalized it already so it's like.. Whatever, now.

For me, it was a relief cause it was my largest following and the site seem dead set on burning up. So, I just kinda... preemptively threw the match on it.

It's much nice being able to roast marshmallows over the fire instead of being in the blaze.

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you could've been like. y'know. normal? and if (if) you felt that something was dragging you down it could've been something else lmao.

No need to assume your brain just adapted. Could just mean you're saner than some of us. :')

Here's the first question from this week's #news #quiz

The United Nations meeting known as #COP28 began in Dubai on Nov. 30. What does COP stand for?

Check your answer and see how closely you've been following news on Kissinger, Santos and Phoenix:

  • Climate Oversight Proceedings (48%, 53 votes)
  • Census of Partners (1%, 2 votes)
  • Conference of the Parties (37%, 41 votes)
  • Come On, People! (11%, 13 votes)
109 voters. Poll end: in 16 hours

I had a terrible news week this week. I blame books.
@dodoandthebrawn If you were reading books instead of the news, give yourself two extra points ๐Ÿ˜€